• IR Remote

    Virtual technology and remote meetings have revolutionised how companies communicate in the corporate world.

    Live broadcasts and real-time digital conversations allow investor relations teams to reach beyond the boardroom and connect with shareholders wherever they are.

    This ability to reach investors and stakeholders virtually has opened new windows of opportunity for IR teams to not only increase productivity […]

  • Data Driven Reporting

    Corporate communication is becoming increasingly digital but reporting continues to fall short of investor needs.

    Research shows shareholders and investors spend an average of less than five minutes reading traditional annual reports, yet companies are still producing static PDF documents.

    Corporations that print annual reports might boast they’ve published and distributed thousands of copies, but there’s no […]

  • How to Maximise Your Investor Day

    Corporates face the annual challenge of creating a stand out investor day to entice and renew shareholder interest.

    With some mega-cap companies spending up to one million dollars on their investor days, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make a statement and leave a lasting impression. But spending more doesn’t guarantee results, which is why smart IR teams […]

  • Tapping into the Value of Apps for Investor Relations

    It is no secret that mobile browsing and applications for mobile devices are proving to be a hit for businesses and consumers alike.

    This app-boom era has fostered healthy debate among industries, including investor relations, on the role this technology can play in strengthening relationships with current and prospective company stakeholders.

    Why mobile matters

    As with all elements […]

  • How to Create a Stable Shareholder Base​

    Investors and shareholders are looking for transparency in financial communications and investor relations.

    And companies are looking for new ways to engage and grow a stable shareholder base.

    So could it possible be that both companies and investors are looking for the same thing?

    Market data reveals evidence companies offering greater transparency in corporate communications are valued […]

  • Creating Winning Corporate Websites for Shareholders

    Corporate websites that are interactive, easy to navigate and eye-catching deliver a competitive edge when it comes to winning over shareholders.

    As the key digital stopover for investors, analysts and other stakeholders alike, websites and their features play a crucial role in helping online visitors navigate their way to important company information and offerings.

    According to the […]

  • How to Grow Your Investor Database

    Most listed companies are spending a lot of time and effort encouraging shareholders to provide email addresses.

    Having digital access to shareholders can help companies save on compliance costs and reduce the need for expensive printing and costly mail-outs. Having a strong retail investor database can help you to  create a loyal investor following that you […]

  • How Twitter Can Influence Your Share Price

    Not so long ago it was hard to imagine a message sent into cyberspace could have a real-world impact on Wall Street or the ASX.

    But we now live in a time where Tweeting a few words can boost market value by a billion dollars in a day.

    More than half of the world’s population is now online, […]

  • How infographics can influence your investors

    In the 21st Century, society is increasingly demanding greater diversity – in the media, the workplace and everyday life.

    This can range from the television programs we watch, and the billboards we pass while travelling, to the magazines we read, and the public faces of companies we see. The question though, is ‘why?’

    Probably because we want […]

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