• Why Gender Diversity Matters for IR

    In the 21st Century, society is increasingly demanding greater diversity – in the media, the workplace and everyday life.

    This can range from the television programs we watch, and the billboards we pass while travelling, to the magazines we read, and the public faces of companies we see. The question though, is ‘why?’

    Probably because we want […]

  • Why ESG is more important than earnings in 2019

    There is a growing army of investors, both institutional and retail, betting with their conscience.

    Instead of focusing solely on figures, they’re investing in companies making socially conscious and ethical business decisions that align with their own personal values.

    Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) parameters are being actively screened by fund managers, advisers and superannuation funds to […]

  • Key IR Performance Measures for 2019

    Investor relations and corporate communications are an integral part of all company operations, but how companies measure IR performance is a little more complex.

    Measuring the success and return on investment of investor relations campaigns is one of the biggest challenges facing IR teams in 2019.

    The digital age has seen most companies take a multifaceted approach […]

  • Interactive Reporting Trends

    As the potential of digital technology is realised, we are witnessing sweeping changes to business and financial reporting trends.

    Clarity of financial statements remains critical to ensure clear and accurate reporting to stakeholders.

    But the ways in which reports are designed and developed are constantly changing, with interactive reporting being embraced by many to provide a more […]

  • Is it time for IR to embrace Virtual AGMs?

    We live in the virtual era – a time when we can connect with people all over the world from the office, train, or even the comfort of our own living room.

    Virtual and remote work has revolutionised how companies operate, allowing hirers to employ teams from anywhere in the globe.

    Removing the borders of distance and time, […]

  • Growth of Digital Corporate Reporting

    The rise of the paperless office has extended into boardrooms everywhere, triggering the growth of digital corporate and financial reporting.

    Public companies around the world are now taking their statutory reporting online, flexing their technical innovation muscle while embracing all the possibilities of digital corporate communications and IR.

    It stands to reason that unless you’re Warren Buffet, most […]

  • Engaging and Communicating with Retail Investors

    Corporate content that gets attention

    Digital technology has created new opportunities and platforms for corporate communications and investor relations.

    Once limited to printed annual reports and the occasional facsimile, corporate content has now exploded into the digital world and companies everywhere have adopted their own unique combinations and styles.

    In this piece, we look at just some of […]

  • What Shareholders Want from Your Annual Report

    One of the key functions of investor relations is understanding what shareholders want from your company, and delivering it for them.

    Developing the Annual Report is always a momentous IR task, and one that is guaranteed to come around each and every year.

    Most companies invest weeks if not months, and thousands of dollars, producing their Annual […]

  • How Digital Annual Reports Attract Investors

    One of the top stressors in IR is the yearly task of producing a company’s annual report.

    Every 12 months comes the challenge of extracting and analysing the same data sets, and presenting that information in new and interesting ways. Importantly, providing an informative snapshot of your company’s performance for the year. This is critical as […]

  • How Digital Visibility Is Driving Small to Mid-Cap Investment

    Being seen is crucial for small to mid-cap investment and more companies are now using digital marketing to increase market visibility.

    With strong volatility expected in the market to continue into 2020 more investors are researching lesser known companies and are also eyeing smaller stocks in areas such as biotechs, technology, property, medical cannabis and the […]

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