How to fire up your business with Video.

This episode of Marketing Tech shows how Dollar Shave club leveraged videos to fire up their business. Which is something every business can learn!

Susan: If you are looking to fire up your business then here is a powerful example of how a simple video helped to turn a one dollar sale into one billion dollar business in under five years. In 2012 the subscription razor blade service Dollar Shave Club took audiences on a hilarious walk through their warehouse and poked fun at the little annoyances every male Shaver can relate to. This video marketing classic took a boring topic and made it entertaining. It has now been viewed over 25 million times as this small business grew one dollar and one razor blade at the time, it attracted the attention of one of the giants of the consumer marketing world Unilever which acquired Dollar Shave Club for one billion dollars.

Not a bad outcome for a small company powered by short but entertaining video. So, what are the benefits of using video for your business. Firstly, audiences love to watch video. YouTube is one of the world’s most popular websites and it’s growing exponentially. In fact, ninety-eight per cent of Internet users say they pushed a marketing sales video to learn more about your product or service before deciding to buy. Second, video helps you with search engine optimization. Great news for getting the attention and clicks of potential customers. Next you can make a compelling video for free just by using a smartphone. And finally, video helps build that all important trust with your audience. The more you let your audience get engaged with you and your personality and product the more trust they’ll have in your company and what you’re selling.

So how can you create your own successful video. There are a number of software tools that can help you get your video up in a matter of minutes and some are even free. For example, Biteable provides free video templates for you to mix and match ensuring that you have video that suits your audience. Promo and majesty are also worth checking out and what’s the secret sauce for creating video which will build your brand audience and sales authenticity by creating a video that is emotionally engaging and provides ways to solve common problems. You can capture the hearts minds and dollars of your customers.