How to get the best return on your digital investment.

Our Managing Director, Susan Werkner, tells us how you to get the best return on your digital investment.
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Susan: If you are looking for the best way to increase revenue brand awareness and traffic to your site e-mail marketing could be a perfect fit for your business. While it’s not new and it’s not sexy. There is no digital strategy that generates a greater return on investment than email. Smart Insight Research has found that every dollar invested in email marketing can generate 40 dollars in revenue according to McKinsey. Email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined. Given its ability to speak to individual interests sending a direct email is also the most cost-effective way to acquire customers.

One of the key advantages that idioms or Electronic Direct Mail have over social media apps and even web site traffic is that you have complete control. Facebook owns your Facebook page. Apple or Google owns your app subscribers but you alone own your email database. There are many online platforms you can use to create and implement email programs MailChimp. Constant Contact, a Weber, an active campaign are among the best known and most flexible. Most include ready to use email templates and forms that takes the technical difficulty out of creating effective eDM’s.

So, what are the critical things you need to do to make sure your subscribers look forward to receiving and opening your emails.
Number one your email list to be successful your emails must only be sent to people for whom your offerings are relevant and interesting. They must also have opted in to receive your e-mails. Secondly your subject line to better the subject line. The more your eDM’s will be opened. And finally, your offer what you’re offering must speak to the needs, wants and interests of your audience. Don’t focus on you focus on them.

So, who is doing email marketing well? Career support 365 a specialist in providing career support for employees demonstrates that strategy and creativity can happily co-exist with excellent eDM’s, a great subject line and strong visuals with a good call to action have helped this business build a loyal following. Other examples of compelling emails are T2, Condé Nast Traveler and smart company. And easy to use platform strong offering and personalized emails can help you to build a powerful and cost-effective revenue generating email program for your business.