How to get the customer service edge for your business.

Customer service is King, and is now more important than ever. Susan explains how to ace good customer service and get ahead of
your competitors.

Susan: Today’s digital world gives your customers hundreds of ways and places to either promote or denigrate your brand. In fact, angry customers can become valuable evangelists for your business. If you respond in the right way. A recent Harvard Business Review study analyzed over 400000 tweets across major airlines such as Delta and United Airlines and Telcos like Southwest ADT and Sprint. They then cross-referenced them with the timing and type of responses those tweets received from the company in question. What was found was that good customer service can make a major impact on a company’s bottom line.

For example, no matter whether a negative neutral or positive tone was used airline customers received any kind of response to their social media posts were willing to pay almost 9 dollars more for a ticket from that airline in the future. The result was almost identical for the Telco companies. So how can you ensure that you provide great digital customer service.

There are three key factors to keep in mind. Firstly, personalized the response make sure you have the name correctly spelled and if you know what and when they last purchase from you mention it.
Secondly acknowledge their comment. Ensure that you’ve read and understood their feelings whether they’re angry, sad, happy or anything in between. Finally, your speed of response is critical. Your customers expect you to help them within five minutes by phone within one hour by social media and between 1 to 24 hours for email. Luckily there are many platforms that can help you to aim for number one in your market for customer service from helpdesk services to live chat social media and mobile support. You need to be available on the platform or platforms the majority of your customers use.

It may be on Instagram Facebook email or via your website and they may want to get in touch by their smartphone tablet or via an old-fashioned phone call. Popular platforms include Zendesk, Freshdesk and the Salesforce platform Desk. If live chat could be a solution for you then sign up for the forever free service provided by my live chat or for a free trial with Oluck. If social media is your focus then sparks center will help across many platforms for on demand support for your website Clickdesk could be the right solution for you. No matter which platform you choose for your business. Make sure that it makes every one of your customers feel like kings and you will reap the rewards in customer loyalty and sales.