How your business can benefit from a mobile app.

Statistic shows Australian’s spent up to 4 hours each day on their mobile device. Watch here to learn about the advantages of a mobile app for your business.

Susan: You’re not the only one who loves your smartphone your customers do too. Recent statistics show that on average we Australians spend three to four hours every day on our smartphones and not only that Australians are the highest users of mobile apps in the world using the average 36 different apps per month. Six more than the global average. So, what are the benefits of offering your customers an app.

First to be visible to customers 24/7. You can be sure you’ll gain visibility with a new audience and even traction if you build the right app for the right audience and marketed effectively.

Secondly you can access a direct marketing and sales channel your app can provide many important benefits to your customers such as pricing promotions and alert direct to their mobile phones.

Next you can grow your customer engagement. Sydney FC is a niche Chinese restaurant booking app that helps you drive diners to their soon to be favourite Chinese restaurant. Flossie enables customers to book and pay for beauty appointments in seconds. Then you can cultivate greater customer loyalty a loyal customer is your best brand advocate so a better way than have an inbuilt loyalty program offered as part of your app.

And last but not least, building a brand is never more important than when you can have a visual representation on your customer’s smartphones even just scrolling through the apps will ensure they will look at your brand multiple times a day. Increasing recognition and awareness it has never been easier or more cost effective for you to build your own app. You can use one of the many fantastic mobile app builders like apple pie, build fire or apps build up to build your own mobile app without having to worry about coding and any tech issues. So, if you’re looking to influence persuade and engage your customers it makes sense to offer your own dedicated app.