Telstra Corporation Limited
Digital Gold Award Winner - Interactive Annual Report 2015

We are very proud that Telstra won the Gold Award for the Best Online Report in 2015! The overall key comment from the judging panel was ““One of the best online reports I’ve seen by a country mile.”

The Challenge

Telstra wanted to ensure that their report to be distributed online to over 1.4 million shareholders told their investor story in the most engaging and mobile friendly way. They wanted a mobile first design, which would ensure their key financial highlights, case studies and reporting content was clearly and quickly communicated to investors. It was vital for Telstra’s 2015 Annual Report to evolve into the next generation reporting reflecting their leading edge technology positioning.

The Strategy

Ensuring that the key investor highlights were strongly communicated the overall Telstra report was designed with a mobile first approach. In keeping with Telstra’s strong branding and detailed overview of their business operations, the custom designed microsite allowed the integration of multiple video’s and homepage animations. These were created in order to attract audience engagement and understanding of Telstra’s strong results and increasingly global operations. We also ensured that the navigation was clean and easy in order to address the needs of Telstra’s older shareholders.

The Results

Apart from the Gold Award, Telstra’s mobile first design successfully pushed the mobile viewership well over the previous year’s release. The interactive charts and numerous video’s highlighting their increased customer focus and commitment to community and sustainability helped Telstra to bring their 2015 Annual report to life. The homepage was designed to maximise the impact of the year’s highlights and bring energy and focus to their updated brand positioning and well-crafted content.

It was no wonder that Telstra was the recipients of the KPMG/Markinson Cowell Award for Best Corporate Reporting in 2015. It is a credit to the wonderful Telstra Corporate Comms and IR team that allowed us to work so closely with them to achieve the best in class online report.