Social Media’s impact on your business.

If you want to grow your business choosing the right Social Media platform is essential for your business. Our Managing Director, Susan Werkner, explains why.

Susan: We’ve talked a lot about how important social media is to the success of many businesses with over 50 percent of small and medium businesses not on social media. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to get a jump on your competitors. But if you’ve tried to create upload and manage content not to mention dealing with customer, comments and queries, you know that social media is anything but simple. The good news is that there are many free social media management apps that you can use. One of the best-known platform for scheduling and sharing your social media posts across your channels is Hootsuite which allows you to manage multiple accounts and schedule up to 30 updates in advance.

Another platform is Socialoomph that helps you to manage direct messages via social accounts and build your following. Then there’s Meetedgar that helps you to repurpose old posts automatically. The big question many smaller businesses ask is, what type of results should I expect from all this time effort and money. The answer It depends. Your social media efforts must be aligned with your business goals. Then using metrics, you can then check your return on investment. Fitness First wanted to demonstrate how it feels to be fit by launching a social experiment using video that showed the huge difference that fitness can have on your life. The content was shared on their Facebook and Instagram channels and the hashtag how it feels. Encourage fans and followers to upload their own personal experiences.

Online retailer surf stitch regularly runs competitions on their website to build their Facebook following an email database. Their massive online assets allow them to engage customers and drive sales. SurfStitch ties in offers from other brands. They’ll be of interest to their market. For example, their current offer is the chance to win thread both season passes and Barney cools vouchers with some planning initiative and creativity you too can set up your social media program to make it work smarter for your business.