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Create greater credibility with our compelling corporate websites, interactive reports, social media strategies and content, and maximise your capital raising efforts with our successful digital platforms.

Investor Outreach

A Harvard Research study has confirmed that the clients that embrace digital communications – in all its forms – have the edge on their competitors. This takes the form of a marked increase in engagement with their stakeholders and a stronger and more loyal investor following – and usually stronger valuations.

We ensure you achieve your IR objectives with our three successful programs developed to deliver on your chosen IR strategy.

Acquire Investors

We help you reach out to new potential investors thorough a strategic approach that understands the regulatory restrictions for your industry. We can evaluate your current use of digital communication assets and create a successful strategy to maximise your investor impact. Our approach utilises website optimisation including SEO and SEM, compelling content, including blog content, social media, and branded corporate video’s.

Retain Investors

This program is designed to retain and increase engagement with your current shareholders to better educate shareholders on your investment story, maximising your company’s engagement with them. Build more loyalty and influence with your shareholders by ensuring consistent and relevant communications via digital newsletters, visually inspired PPT presentations, targeted social media channels, interactive annual reports and videos to maximise trust and transparency.

Promote Investors

We work closely with you to partner with you and promote your influence with your investors and shareholders. Our specific event based digital communication platforms enable our clients to save time and resources by utilising our Interactive Investor Day Platform™, successful Interactive Capital Raising Platform™ and M&A communication solutions.

Building Corporate Credibility

We Help You to:

Maximise your ability to pro-actively engage and reach your audience, whether internal or external.

Reduce costs and deliver a powerful digital communication solution to better reach and influence your stakeholders.

Create greater credibility with our compelling corporate websites, interactive reports, social media strategies, and maximise your capital raising efforts.

Build your investor and stakeholder following through our proprietary Business to Investor (B2I) Content Strategy™

Demonstrate your companies’ commitment to CSR and ESG initiatives through our digital Green Reports™ offering.

Website Design & Development

With a strong understanding of digital communications and IR needs, we strategically design and develop customised corporate websites that allow you to effectively communicate with your stakeholders.

We craft and tailor each IR website to ensure your corporate branding and investor message is consistent, creatively designed and best practice, conveying and strengthening your company’s global IR vision. Our digital team ensures we deliver the best of breed technology combined with secure hosting solutions, which is why we are trusted by many of the top listed companies.

Interactive Reporting

Our Award Winning, multi-platform reporting solutions and proprietary software ensure you are delivering corporate communications when, where and how your stakeholders want to access them. We have designed and developed hundreds of corporate reporting websites ensuring your corporate message resonates with your stakeholders & brings you a return you can measure.

More than just a mobile website, your interactive report can dynamically adapt to suit your investors’ needs across print, desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. In order to increase exposure and reach, we optimise our digital reports, delivering you a higher search ranking thereby making it easier for investors to find your information.

Global Reach

With the increase in global investing its is more important than ever to ensure your website is best in class and expertly designed to reflect your company’s ambitions. We help place KPI’s in place for all departments to ensure that your internal and external audience’s objectives are met.

Corporate Storytelling

With over 90% of your stakeholders viewing your website before investing or working with the company it is imperative that it has well written content to meet the needs of sophisticated stakeholders. Our experienced team comprised of marketers, designers and content writers ensure your branding, messaging and website content reflects the voice of a company.

Social Media

Extending the reach of your investor story and engaging digital investors has never been more critical with four out of ten investors utilising social media for company recommendations. We work with you to strategically engage with your investors on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook while keeping in mind that it is critical to work on these channels within the strict regulatory environment.

Security & Peace of Mind

With well-designed and well-built website your company’s story is communicated expertly and we ensure it is built on the most secure and robust platform. With the increasing threat of website hacking and data breaches we ensure compliance with best practise level of website security.

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