Why your website is now your No.1 shopfront.

Do you have your own website? Over 60% of small businesses don’t. Watch this short video and find out how it can be your most
powerful sales magnet.

Susan: Fifty per cent of Australian small businesses don’t have a website. If you’re one of them you’re missing out on major sales opportunities. Think of your own behaviour. What’s the first thing you do when you want to find a new product or service. You go online and look for it. Research shows that a staggering two thirds of consumers would not consider using your business if they can’t find you online. Why? The answer is trust with privacy threats and those pesky Nigerians sending us spam emails. Consumers are wary of businesses that are not transparent. They want to see photos of your team. What services or products you offer? where you are located? And importantly, how can they contact you. This builds trust no matter what type of business you own.

Over 14 million Australians regularly use the Internet and over 90 percent of them have either purchased from or contacted companies online. If you are time poor and think cost is a barrier, think again. With new digital businesses such as WIX.com and Weebly you can have your own website up in a matter of hours. They provide easy to use free website templates. You don’t need to be a coding gate to ensure that your business looks professional. You can even get a free website when you buy your own domain name like Happykids.com.au that are you from companies like GoDaddy and Crazydomains. Yes, being active on social media is good. But having your own website is better. You own your website. What you don’t own your Facebook or Instagram accounts. So, with all these reasons create your own website what are you waiting for.